Past Life Regression

Is past life regression for me?

Do you believe that you have lived previous lives and wish to explore them?

Maybe you have experienced a feeling when visiting a particular place that you ‘remember’ it, although you know that you have never been there before.

You may even be drawn to a place or country? Or it could be that you have a strong feeling of knowing someone that you have only just met, but you know you have never met them before.

Or it could be that you are simply curious about  past life regression and reincarnation?

What happens?

Using a combination of hypnosis and visualisation we go on a journey to explore a past life.  

So what will you encounter in these past lives?

Each past life journey is individual. Some people discover lives that they have shared with people before, others are drawn to certain places or countries that they immediately feel comfortable and familiar with. Each life explored is an individual journey and an adventure for both the subject and the therapist.


The fee for this unique individual session is £90